Zodiac Twelve is a term used to describe 12 characters that were introduced in the Zayats 75th Anniversary event, which took place between September 9 and 20 of 2009.

List of CharactersEdit


Labrat (Yatorobic: Ꙛбрат) is the most intelligent mouse you'll ever meet. He was reading by age 2, writing by age 4, could speak multiple languages by age 6, demonstrated a genius-level IQ by age 8, and passed multiple college-level proficiency tests before age 10. Despite his genius, he is not a well-liked figure at his neighborhood; he is prone to extremely bizarre behavior and frequently expresses thoughts that frighten and concern his neighbors.

Labrat's neighbors consider him to be extremely weird, and similar to a "mad scientist". His specialty is robotics and his goal is to build a military-grade, powerful exoskeleton armed with enough firepower to destroy. He would also like to get hired by a prestigious company by inventing new technology. Because of this, he spends his time building useful robots, like cloning machines.

Name OriginEdit

A lab rat is a student or employee who spends a great deal of time working in a laboratory.

Lynn AmsoEdit

Ms. Lynn Amso(Yatorobic: Лйн Амсѡ) is a very sweet and caring girl, and it's very easy to see how any guy might develop a crush on her, with Leonidas being an obvious example.