Leonidas (Yatorobic: Ꙙнидась Щабел) is one of the four main protagonists of the Zayats franchise.


Leonidas is a svelt lion. In most of his appearances, he wears a fancy salaryman outfit.



Leonidas is Zayats's best friend and most loyal companion, they've been friends since Zayats was about 2 years old.

Ms. AmsoEdit

Leonidas has a crush on Ms. Amso, a case of unrequited love.

His attitude when on her apartment can be considerably embarassing to the point of accidentally commiting accidents and/or perverted actions towards Ms. Amso, the latter almost always results in her kicking both Leo and Zayats out of her apartment.


Leonidas is Toshiro's younger brother.

Toshiro tends to seek help from Leonidas when in any serious situation he's stuck on.

In "Brotherhood of Lions", Leonidas lives with Toshiro on an apartment, where they attempt to have a good life away from their friends and family, besides each other, that is.


Leonard is the middle brother of the Shtabel siblings.

Both Toshiro and Leonidas find Leonard's athletic attitude considerably annoying, to the point of driving them to discussion which can escalate into a fight.