A last minute battle (Japanese: 最後の戦い, Hepburn: Saigo no tatakai) is the final episode of the 1971 anime.


Zayats finally encounters Volk, who uses Black Magic to get rid of him. Zayats, realizing what was going on in there, tells Volk that he should never use it because of the horrifying side effects it can have. Volk, in response, fires a black beam at Zayats, who blocks it with his sword, With that, the final battle begins.

Following Zayats's attack, Volk does a demonic attack to cause damage on him, Zayats decides to dodge the attack by jumping across the room. Volk does a brief coreography which results in Volk generating a dark orb that rapidly hits Zayats, dealing him mass damage.

Zayats, furious for the damage dealt by the orb, decides to settle the battle by stabbing his sword across Volk's pancreas. Volk, screaming in severe pain, slowly plummets to his death.

Zayats initially finds himself comforted that the horrors had ended. But after realizing what he has done all that time, he takes a drastic decision: commit seppuku to let his soul rest in peace, finishing the story once and for all in a very gruesome and action-packed series finale.