Банꙓт Гѵард is an episode from the first season of the Cartoon Network series.


Unknown thus far.


While it's unknown how the whole episode goes, Elyad Shtabel (Current director of the series) claimed that it involved Leonidas helping Zayats guard the house while the latter was taking a bath.


Naked zayats

One of the scenes that caused the controversy.

According to Elyad, the episode caused controversy when it first aired, the reason for which was various scenes in which Zayats was seen without his regular clothing on, which was interpreted as nudity. This explains why Zayats has pants of any kind on when shown without a shirt on.

Known CharactersEdit

A ? indicates it's unknown if they appear.


  • This is the first time Zayats is shown without a shirt on.
    • This caused the controversy shown above.

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